Lee Boyd, a Peer Specialist at the Gateway Center in Atlanta, speaks during the Faces of Homelessness  Speakers’ Bureau event at Community Grounds Coffee Shop in southeast Atlanta last week.

[Note: Unfortunately, we have had to postpone this webinar and will follow up later when we’re able to present it. Thanks for your patience.]

Please join us this Thursday, March 22, at 2 p.m. for a free webinar to learn more about homelessness around Atlanta and how you can make a difference.

Boyd and others from the Atlanta Faces of Homelessness Speakers’ Bureau will tell their stories and answer your questions about efforts to end homelessness in Atlanta.

Register HERE to attend the free webinar, learn more, and find out how you can help.

Webinar Archive: Homelessness Around Atlanta

On Dec. 15, Gateway Center Executive Director Vince Smith and United Way Homelessness Director Phil Hunter joined us for a webinar to discuss homelessness around Atlanta. Smith and Hunter gave their insights and talked about what their organizations are doing to end chronic homelessness around the region. We’ve posted the Powerpoint presentation used in the webinar below.

You can also download a Gateway Center Fact Sheet and more information on United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta’s Streets to Home initiative here.

Public Square Atlanta staff plan to volunteer for the next Streets to Home outreach on Jan. 19, 2012. Would you like to join us? Please contact PBA Community Outreach Manager Jason Parker for details.

[Please note that due to a technical issue, we do not have audio of the webinar. We apologize for the error.]

Webinar on Homelessness Around Atlanta, Dec. 15

Who are “the homeless”? Who is working to help them? What can I do?

Please join us for Public Square Atlanta’s next webinar on homelessness in Atlanta. Vince Smith, Executive Director of the Gateway Center, and Phil Hunter, head of United Way’s Street to Home Initiative, will give their insights on the problem and the people affected by homelessness, along with information about their organizations’ efforts and how you can help.

The webinar will take place on Thursday, Dec. 15 at 1 p.m. We hope you can join us!

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In this webinar held Oct. 27, 2011, Atlanta BeltLine creator Ryan Gravel and BeltLine communications director Ethan Davidson discuss considerations made in designing the Atlanta BeltLine, an innovative 22-mile loop of transit and trails around Atlanta.

Please note that we had some technical difficulty exporting this video. Audio begins about 40” in. We apologize for the trouble and appreciate your patience.

More information on the Atlanta BeltLine can be found at http://beltline.org. You can also join the "Support the Atlanta BeltLine" group on Public Square Atlanta.

An archive of the “Help Stop Sex Trafficking in Atlanta” webinar that took place on August 11, 2011 for Public Square Atlanta.

Background on sex trafficking:
Charles Powell, Author, ” NOT IN MY TOWN: Exposing & Ending Human Trafficking & Modern-Day Slavery”

Work of faith-based service organizations:
Cheryl DeLuca-Johnson, Director, StreetGRACE

What an individual citizen can do:
Kimberly Johnson, Principal, JohnsonPR, CSEC Advocate